Summer Tick Prevention Tips For Montgomery County Homeowners

a tick crawling on a human arm

Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, you’re at risk of tick bites. Lyme disease is one of the most common and frequent tick-borne infections in the United States, with 300,000 new cases every year. Though the spread of Lyme disease is year-round, it’s most prevalent in late spring to early summer. That reason alone is why it’s essential to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family this summer when engaging in outdoor activities. The first step to protecting yourself and your family from ticks starts at home.

Safeguard your yard, family, and pets from ticks with pest control In Montgomery County.

Problems Ticks Bring To People And Pets

Many people think that fleas are blood-feeding pests more prone to pets, but ticks don’t discriminate against animals. Ticks are becoming an evolving problem for humans and pets. Things like climate, deforesting, and the migrating patterns of birds, deer, and rodents have changed, causing a geographic shift. Because of this geographic shift, ticks have become an even more dangerous threat.

Here are some tick-borne diseases humans and pets are at risk of:

  • Lyme disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Heartland virus
  • Cytauxzoonosis
  • Colorado tick fever
  • Babesiosis
  • Bourbon virus
  • Borrelia mayonii
  • Borrelia miyamotoi
  • Anaplasmosis

These viruses and diseases pose serious health risks to humans and animals. But the good news about ticks, especially ticks that carry Lyme disease, is that a tick would need to be attached to you for 36 to 48 hours of feeding on your blood to transmit the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. 

If you notice a tick has bitten you, it’s crucial you use fine-tipped tweezers to grab the tick as close to your skin and the tick’s head as possible. You want to be sure to pull the tick upward to remove it and clean the infected area after removal safely.

Tick Prevention Tips For Montgomery County Homeowners

The key to tick prevention starts with you, and a great place to start is at home.

Here are a few tick prevention tips to safeguard your family and pets while enjoying your outdoor space:

  • Keep the grass cut short
  • Add fencing to keep wild animals out of the yard
  • Try to avoid overgrown areas
  • Wear protective clothing when outdoors
  • Avoid being barefoot or sandals when in grassy areas
  • Use insect repellant

These are ways to prevent ticks at home, and these habits will also protect you when you’re away from home and out in nature. 

The Benefits Of Professional Tick Control

Ticks in Montgomery County come a dime a dozen and are a problem for residents year-round. Who wants to spend the entire year spraying their homes for ticks? No one. With professional tick control, you’re reducing your risk of contracting tick-borne diseases, you’re protecting your pets from tick diseases, and you’re spending less with professional services than continually buying short-term solutions. Don’t waste your money or effort doing it yourself- hire tick control professionals.

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