Pennsylvania Homeowner’s Guide To Summer Roach Prevention

an american cockroach crawling alog the edge of a stone structure inside of a pennsylvania home

Your home is many things. It is a safe haven if you want to watch TV after a long day of work. It is a place to have dinner with your family around a full table where you can talk about your day. It is a canvass for you to show off your decorating skills and apply them in a way that brings joy to you and others. What your home is not, however, is a hotel for cockroaches. Yet for many homeowners across Pennsylvania, whether they like it or not, their home is a cockroach hotel. Today we are going to discuss how you can keep your home safe from invading cockroaches so that you can keep things as they are supposed to be.

Factors That Lead To Increased Roach Presence as Summer Arrives

Summer brings a number of things to Pennsylvania, such as the ability to swim, tan, and defend our homes against cockroaches. Of course, this last thing is not a benefit of summer but regardless, it is something that needs to be done. The question is, why are cockroaches more likely to invade during the summertime? Well, for one, cockroaches are warm-weather pests that require a nice balmy temperature to thrive. The nice weather outside, combined with factors such as humidity, places to hide, and food sources, draw cockroaches out of hiding and into our homes. Let’s talk about some ways you can reduce these factors around your home and keep it unappealing to roaches.

Steps To Prevent Roaches/Mistakes To Avoid

As we already discussed cockroaches are attracted to homes by three major factors humidity, places to hide, and food sources. Here are some ways you can eliminate and control these factors around your home to keep cockroaches away.

Clean, clean, and clean some more. The cleaner your home is, the less attractive it will be to cockroaches. Specifically, try to focus on cleaning areas you wouldn’t usually address such as beneath stoves, refrigerators, and other household appliances.

Reduce moisture around your home. This can be done by fixing leaky pipes and installing dehumidifiers in areas such as basements and laundry rooms where high humidity is common.

Be careful not to leave food out. After you are done cooking and eating, make sure that countertops and kitchen spaces are food-free. This can be done by storing leftovers inside airtight containers where roaches cannot reach.
Make sure your trash is properly sealed. If your trash cans do not already have airtight lids, consider investing in ones that do. This will keep cockroaches from crawling inside.

Tidy up clutter around the house. Many items can be used as a shelter for roaches, the less clutter there is around your home, the less of a chance they will find an area to hide in and call home.

Why Call M.A.D. For Long Lasting Cockroach Defense

To go above and beyond the success of DIY cockroach prevention, professional pest control is a must. How you can get this for your home is by calling the experts here at M.A.D. Exterminators. We will walk alongside you to find the protection your home needs to stay cockroach-free this summer. It’s our guaranty.