How Dangerous Is It To Have Fire Ants On My Montgomery County Property?

fire ants walking in a line

When people think of ants, they often imagine tiny, black insects found in the pavement or the kind that like to get into our food, but there are all kinds of ants out there that can cause problems for property owners. While many ant species in Montgomery County can become a problem, one of the worst is the fire ant.

While most ants in the area are considered a nuisance, some can cause other issues such as property damage or health risks. The fire ant is one of the species that can be dangerous for people to encounter, and this, combined with their invasive nature, makes them one of the more frustrating ant species to encounter.

Some Background Information About Fire Ants In Montgomery County

Fire ants are known for the rather painful stings and bites they can inflict, but you can also identify fire ants by how they look. They are usually reddish-brown and relatively small as they only grow to be about 6 mm long.

Generally, they live outdoors and make their nests underground, and you can often see them coming out of small dirt piles. However, they can and do make their way onto properties in Montgomery County and surrounding areas, which can be dangerous.

Just How Dangerous Are Fire Ants?

While some pests can sting and some can bite, fire ants can actually do both. These attacks can be painful, and they usually leave people with a burning and itching sensation at the bite site for up to an hour. And, it's not uncommon to be stung multiple times by many swarming ants, making the experience that much more uncomfortable.

While in many cases, being bitten or stung won't cause any health problems other than pain and discomfort, in some cases, these attacks can be serious and even deadly. People who are allergic to fire ant venom can have a strong reaction that can lead to hospitalization. And, often, people don't even realize they are at a higher risk until they've been stung.

In general, the best way to protect yourself and others around you is to avoid these ants and take steps to keep them away from your home or business.

Do DIY Methods Work For Fire Ants?

Fire ants are potentially dangerous, but the other major issue with this species is that they are nearly impossible to eliminate. Just like many other species of ants, they are invasive and can have large, sprawling colonies, and fire ants are even studier than most.

Just one colony can be home to over 20,000 individual ants. They are massive, can stretch several feet wide, and contain several queens. Because they have multiple queens, it's easier for the colony to survive even if you kill several of the queens. Fire ants will disperse and leave the nest if threatened to re-colonize an area nearby. This process, called budding, can result in a failed attempt leading to an increase in colonies around your home.

Trying to remove the entirety of the nest, including all of the queens, is nearly impossible using most DIY ant control methods, including insecticides you buy at the store.

Is It Possible To Prevent Fire Ants?

While trying to eradicate fire ants on your own is difficult, there is one effective way to eliminate them—the professionals at M.A.D. Exterminators, Inc. has the tools and experience necessary to both prevent and eradicate fire ants.

We offer customizable residential and commercial pest control services that will ensure that fire ants and other ant species stay away from your property for good. When it comes to comprehensive pest control in Montgomery County, the experts at MAD. Exterminators, Inc has the solutions you need. Reach out to us today to learn more about our one-time or recurring home pest control and commercial pest control options.