Why It's Never Too Late For Professional Ant Treatment

carpenter ant on a rock

Sometimes ants feel like an inevitable problem. They come into your kitchen, feed on crumbs you didn’t even know where there, and fill your house with their small, black bodies. And ants can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. You can try dusting ant poison at the entry points to your home or spraying the trails of ants around your kitchen. However, this can be dangerous since the chemicals can be harmful to humans. Furthermore, do-it-yourself methods of ant control are not always effective. In fact, they can make matters worse if ant colonies split as a result.

All About Ants

There are many different species of ant. You could be facing an infestation of house ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, or one of many other species. Ants live in colonies and primarily come out of their anthills in search of food. Most ants have a varied diet and are perfectly happy to eat any crumbs they find in your kitchen.

Ants are small, which means they can fit through very tight spaces. Ants can come in through the crack under your door or around windows. They can fit through holes or tears in a screen or find cracks in your foundation or along the exterior of your house. Besides being a nuisance, ants can cause damage. Many ants have been known to cause problems by getting into electrical equipment. Carpenter ants chew on the wooden structures of a home, causing damage that can be irreversible. Fire ants are known to give painful bites. Ants can become a serious problem. It is worth getting rid of them.

Professional Pest Control Services

So what does a professional pest control service do? At M.A.D. Exterminators, we have tools, equipment, and products (some that aren’t available to homeowners). We have over 30 years of experience in pest control with the expertise to identify the root of your ant problem and create a unique solution. We do all this with excellent customer service and a commitment to keeping your house bug free.

When it comes to ants, the first step is an inspection. This will allow our pest control technician to identify the species of ant, as well as locate possible entry points. During the inspection, we’ll also look for factors that might be attracting ants, as well as keeping an eye out for other pests that may be sneaking into your home.

The next step is treatment. This can look different in each case since our treatments are personalized to each situation. Treatment might include a bait system or use of residual products. It may also include preventative measures to keep your home ant-free long after M.A.D. Exterminator’s visit. Whatever your situation, no matter how many ants you have in your home, M.A.D. Exterminators can help. It’s never too late to ask for help!