Three Easy & Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Delaware County Homes

ants eating a sandwich

For people like you living in Delaware County, PA, dealing with colony-dwelling pests can be anything but easy. The first step to lowering ant populations involves understanding the species you are dealing with. Whether you have destructive carpenter ants or little black ants starved for sugar, M.A.D. Exterminators knows everything you need to about ants.

How Do Ants End Up In Delaware County Houses Anyway?

The second step to decreasing the presence of worker ants in your Delaware County house, after you come to have a better idea of the foe you face, requires you to understand how the pest managed to infest your home in the first place. It’s no secret that the most common attractor for ants in a human’s residence more often than not is found on the shelves in their cupboards and cabinets.

Once a worker manages to find a stash of food fresh for the taking, it will lead others to the source, allowing for ease of access for the pests and much more trouble for you. Worse yet, due to their diminutive stature and unique ability to follow in the footsteps of those ants who have successfully infiltrated a property, all it takes is a single invader to set the groundwork for thousands more to come. 

Prevent Infesting Ants With These Three DIY Steps

Without a doubt, one of the primary issues with ant pests lies in the sheer numbers of their colonies’ populations. If there is a nest of them near your Delaware County residence, squashing them one by one will never rid you of the issue at hand. Instead, reduce the number of those able to make it indoors with these three preventive measures, courtesy of M.A.D. Exterminators:

  1. In order to keep ants more frequently on the exterior of your property than the interior, you’re going to need to take action to create barriers where previously there were none. For a quick and effective shut door, turn your attention to the space below your doors. Plug up the inch or so of free space under your door with the installation of a door sweep.
  2. Now that you have staved ant populations off for the time being, it is time to take precautions against the foods you know they’re coming for. Any open boxes of food in your cabinets need to be reorganized and placed into sealed, air-tight containers. Even your trash cans, full of potentially attractive trash, should have lids of their own.
  3. One of the reasons ants are so persistent when they invade relates to the scent trails other workers leave behind for them. These trails may lead to shelves or to tiny crumbs around the house in places a human might overlook. If you truly want to keep ants out, you need to scrub these aromas clean — and quickly. 

Seeing as there can be hundreds of thousands of worker ants in a single colony, eliminating expendable worker ants more often than not means taking care of those nests around your Delaware County property. Don’t let ants bulldoze your home’s natural defenses! Reach out to M.A.D. Exterminators and let our pest control specialists handle the onslaught.