How To Prepare For Mosquito Season In Philadelphia

a mosquito biting a persons leg in chester county

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes." We would argue with this statement. We believe there is one more certainty in life, well, at least for Philidelphia, and that is mosquitoes. Think about it. Can you remember a year where there weren’t any mosquitoes? Neither can we. The good thing is that by knowing what is coming, with a little of the right know-how, we can help keep these pesky threats away from our properties.

Why Mosquitoes Will Shortly Be On The Rise Again In The Northeast

You do not have to be very observant to notice mosquitoes coming out of the woodwork in the spring and summertime to cause you trouble. But where are they coming from? Let us explain. When fall turns to winter here in Philly and the temperature reaches a low of 50 degrees, female mosquitoes will do one of two things. Either they will hide in a hole and go dormant until the weather heats back up, or they will lay their eggs in a source of stagnant water and then die. When this water heats back up in the spring and summer, those eggs will hatch. This is where mosquitoes magically come from. Even as you are reading this, the weather is continuing to heat up, and before long, without the proper defenses in place, your property could be swarming with these pesky bloodsuckers.

Prevention Steps Every Homeowner Should Take To Limit Their Exposure

When it comes to limiting mosquito exposure on your property, there are two big things you can do: find ways to deter them from biting you, and eliminate their breeding grounds. Everyone has heard of bug spray. It is an amazing resource for keeping mosquitoes at bay, but who wants to spray themselves down every time they walk out the back door to enjoy the scenery? Maybe instead of bug spray, install a few outdoor fans. Fun fact: mosquitoes are horrible flyers and even a light breeze will make it extremely difficult for them to land on you. Another thing you can do is reduce breeding grounds. This can be done by going around your property and looking for stagnant water sources. The more of these you can eliminate, the fewer mosquitoes will be able to hatch.

How Professional Treatments Can Help

The steps above are great ways to limit your exposure to mosquitoes, but none of them are perfect. If you are still dealing with a considerable number of mosquitoes on your property, give us a call here at M.A.D. Exterminators. Or, if you would like to start off your summer with the best protection available, don’t wait to see if mosquitoes will be bad, take the needed precautions today and let us help. We would be happy to set up your defense against mosquitoes so that you can be certain mosquito season won’t ruin your summer fun.