What are lanternflies?

Spotted lanternflies are an invasive species that is native to China, and was first discovered in Berks county, Pennsylvania in 2014. This was the first population of lanternflies discovered living outside of Asia. They are significant agricultural pests.

a lanternfly outside of a home in bucks county pennsylvania

Adult lanternflies
Adult spotted lanternflies grow to be about 1 inch in length and ½ inch wide when their wings are at rest. They have a unique look, which makes them fairly easy to identify. Their forewing is gray with black spots, and their wingtips are patterned with reticulated black blocks that are outlined in gray. Their hindwings have distinct patches of red and black with a white band.
Immature lanternflies
Immature spotted lanternflies look similar to adults, except they are smaller in size and are black with white spots. Their red patches develop as they grow and mature into adults.
Another way to identify spotted lanternflies is through their eggs' masses. In the late fall, adults lay their eggs in unique-looking masses on the surfaces of buildings and trees, which are covered in a gray, mud-like material. Over time, this material dries out and becomes cracked.

Are lanternflies dangerous?

Lanternflies are not a species that pose health threats to people. However, they are considered dangerous pests due to the significant damage they can cause to a variety of plants, trees, and other crops and vegetation. They are a specific threat to the grape-growing industry, hardwood industry, and nursery industry.
Lanternflies damage plants using their specialized feeding mouthparts. They pierce and feed on the vine trunks, shoots, and leaves of plants, secreting a large amount of honeydew (a sweet sticky substance) as they feed. The high amounts of honey dew left behind can lead to severe mold outbreaks. In addition, the plants and trees they feed on will also be left with open, weeping “wounds”.

Why do I have a lanternfly problem?

Lanternflies can be found living and nesting on any agricultural, landscaped, or natural eco-system that provides sources of food and areas where they can nest. Lanternflies can also be introduced onto your property on infested plants purchased from a nursery.

Where will I find lanternflies?

Spotted lanternflies were first discovered in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 2014. They have now spread throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and sightings have been reported in some neighboring states. Lanternfly populations are at their highest in the spring, summer, and early fall, when their food sources are abundant. Lanternflies are invasive plant-hoppers and feed on a variety of trees, including peach, apple, dogwood, walnut, oak, and pine. In addition, they are found invading and feeding on grapes, other vines, and ornamental plants. In the late fall, lanternflies create their egg masses on the sides of buildings, on outdoor furniture, on sides of decks, on stones, and on other flat surfaces.

How do I get rid of lanternflies?

If you discover spotted lanternflies on your property, immediately contact a professional pest control company. At M.A.D. Exterminators, Inc., we offer the responsive residential and commercial pest control services in Pennsylvania that is needed to stop the spread of invasive lanternflies.
Our experienced and highly trained technicians perform thorough inspections and provide modern treatments. They will eliminate current pest problems and prevent future problems with lanternflies and other common household invaders. To learn more about eliminating lanternflies from your Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Berks, Philadelphia, or Delaware County home, call M.A.D. Exterminators, Inc.!

How can I prevent lanternflies in the future?

Preventing problems with spotted lanternflies is a difficult task. It is always important to inspect plants and trees that you are purchasing for signs of lanternflies. The best defense against lanternflies is to contact a trained professional like M.A.D. Exterminators, Inc. as soon as you spot them on your property. We can provide the fast and effective treatment needed to eliminate these invasive pests, and prevent their spread. For more information about our commercial and home pest control services in Pennsylvania along with lanternfly control services, please give us a call.


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