The Dangers Of Rodents In Your Delaware County Home

mouse on a wine glass

When you think about home, you’d like to think of it as the ultimate sanctuary. A place where you can be yourself, be comfortable, and be safe. Plus, if you take a little pride in your cleaning habits, you tend to consider your home a rather sanitary environment. However, once you start seeing the signs of pests, or the pests themselves, having to deal with unwanted guests in your home can ruin the comfortable atmosphere you’ve tried so hard to create.

Rodents Of Delaware County

Due to our surrounding environment, we tend to get more than our fair share of rodents in Delaware County. Mice and rats are the most common home-invaders around here, and they’re also the most problematic. You see, mice and rats don’t necessarily hang out together, but they all love the same kinds of habitats: dirty, contaminated, trash-filled areas with easily accessible food sources. That’s why they spend most of their time in dumpsters, landfills, and sewers, collecting bacteria as they scour the filth for food.

If they stayed in these areas, we wouldn’t really have an issue with them. If they want to roll around in the worst parts of town, that’s their business. However, when they wind up on your property or try to invade your home, that’s when the real danger comes in. As they search your home for something to eat, they’ll often contaminate the areas they come into contact with, including your meal preparation surfaces. Combining this with the fact that even their feces, when left lying around, can be very toxic, mice and rat infestations put you at severe risk for disease incursion.

If the health risks don’t get your attention, then maybe dollar bills will. Mice and rats are famous for chewing: their large incisors need to be cut down constantly, so they’ll chew almost anything that winds up in front of them. This can, unfortunately, include your walls, insulation, linens, laundry, and even your electrical wiring. Mice and rats have been known to cause hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage when left unattended in an attic or basement for a prolonged period of time. Might be time to call the experts at M.A.D. Exterminators, Inc, for an inspection today!

Keeping Them Out (And Keeping You Safe)

Two unique qualities about mice and rats compound the dangers they bring onto your property, they are very hard to keep out, and they reproduce at alarming rates. Mice get in because of their small bodies and their squeeziness. Using their sharp teeth to widen holes in walls, they can squeeze through almost any opening or under any door to gain entrance. Rats use their intelligence to find an opening they use, like an open garage door or vent, and then wait for their opportunity.

Once they’re in, it won’t take long for you to have a lot of them. Already social animals, mice, and rats will come into your home in small groups before the reproduction begins. That’s the main reason why home remedies like traps and poison aren’t very effective. You might be able to get rid of one or two rodents per day, but they might outpace you with their reproduction efforts. While you might be able to limit their interest in your home by:

  • Clearing up clutter in the yard
  • Cleaning thoroughly and consistently
  • Storing food in plastic containers with tightly secured lids
  • Organizing your attic and basement
  • Securing outdoor trash

Rodents are very difficult to control on your own. They almost always seem to find a way in when they need another food or water source. With the danger and destruction they bring, why waste your time and money on ineffective home remedies? The safest, most effective way to deal with rodent infestations is to call in the professionals at- M.A.D. Exterminators, Inc. Give us a call today for a free consultation.