Montgomery Country Facing Bed Bug Problems

a bed bug infestation on the hairy skin of a Montgomery county resident

These creepy crawly vampires must have missed the Halloween memo because Montgomery County is about to face one of the worst pest infestations yet. 
Bed bugs are very difficult insects to spot, partly because of their nocturnal behavior, and partly because of their small size. No larger than an apple seed, these red-brown bugs crawl deep into mattresses, electrical sockets, and other hard-to-reach spaces when not feasting on the blood of their victims.

Unfortunately, the best way to discover an infestation is to identify their characteristic bites correctly. These bites are typically done in a unique zig-zag pattern, and saliva from the bed bugs will cause the skin to redden and swell up. These are incredibly itchy and can appear on any part of the body. Bed bugs will normally feed on their host during the night, making them almost invisible to detection. Multiple nights that end in new red, itchy bites should make you aware there is a possible infestation. 
Bed bug bites cannot transmit any serious diseases. However, they have been known to cause anemia in some people, as well as minor secondary infections.

Prepare Yourself from Beg Bug Battlements

It takes more than just a little elbow grease to get rid of bed bugs altogether. Be mentally prepared for the treatment process before deciding on the right option for you.

  • Bed bugs should first be identified through a comprehensive home inspection. M.A.D. uses proven canine detection services to find these insects in all their hiding spots. 
  • If chemical treatments are required, we apply them to the affected rooms of the home. Homeowners will need to remove sensitive items as well as vacate the premises each time there is an application.
  • Extreme heat and freezing treatments reach into every nook and cranny of the home, wiping bed bugs out in a flash.
  • This type of treatment requires extensive preparation on the part of the homeowner (including evacuation) for a specified period.

Refusing to address an infestation for any reason will be a recipe for disaster. Long-term bed bug complications can lead to some of the health concerns listed above, as well as asthma attacks in vulnerable individuals. If you’re planning on selling your home, be aware that bed bugs can lower property values considerably. In some cases, visitors who stay on your property can file a bed bug lawsuit, costing you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

Get M.A.D. About Bed Bugs!

Bed bugs are serious pests that require serious solutions. Don’t let glamorous over-the-counter solutions or D.I.Y. remedies fool you. To completely eradicate bed bugs from your home requires competent professional services. For the assistance, peace of mind, and protection you deserve contact the professionals M.A.D. Exterminators today.
From inspection to elimination and every step in between, M.A.D. is committed to helping our customers find the perfect bed bug solution for their needs. To learn more about the different types of bed bug treatments we offer, call our office today.