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a bed bg biting on human skin

Are Bed Bugs In Chester Dangerous?


What is the most dangerous pest you can think of? You might say bed bugs, because they bite, affect the quality of life, and are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs can cause serious problems for homeowners, and they can spread quickly as you try to get them out of the house. Want to know more about bed bugs and how to stop them? ... Read More

a wasp tending to its nest

Delaware County Property Owner’s Practical Guide To Wasp Control


  What Wasps Are Around? The category of wasp includes all kinds of flying, stinging insects. Knowing which ones are most common to the area will help you know what actions you can take, specifically, to prevent them from coming near you and your pets: Bees: A lot of people don’t count bees in the category of “wasp” but they absolutely are, and the lethal allergies that s... Read More

a deer tick crawling on a blade of grass

7 Quick Tips To Prepare Your Delaware County Home For Tick Season


Most people are aware that ticks spread Lyme disease, however, in recent years a host of other tick-borne diseases have become more prevalent. According to the CDC, for the past ten years the top five reported tick-borne diseases are Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis.... Read More